Anita Khanna

Therapy : Bach Flower Therapy, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Theta Healing
Practicing Since : 2014
Language : English, Hindi, Tamil

Profile : My name is Anita Khanna and I am a Certified ThetaHealer. I have completed the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA seminars in the ThetaHealing technique. I’m an experienced practitioner & healer for the past 6 years, during which time I’ve been constantly updating my skills through different methods in various fields. I’ve chosen to not limit my abilities in any singular field but to use the best of each field to achieve my objectives.

I have an experience of treating more than 70 clients & I specialise in both emotional & physical well-being.

It’s nothing but my passion to excel which has propelled me to master various therapies to further improve my skill & passion for healing.


Certification : Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki Grand Master, Tutor of Money Reiki