Prarthana Makhija

Therapy : Yoga
Practicing Since : 2011
Language : English, Hindi
Session Type : Offline

A Yoga enthusiast hoping to heal those who are wounded- mentally, emotionally or physically. I believe we need more healers, Buddhists spiritual teachers more than entrepreneurs, business people,engineers etc. Practicing since 2011 and teaching since 2016. Specialize in Hatha, vinyasa, power and other holistic yoga approaches which include meditation in every yoga class.

Therapy: Yoga

Therapy for: Abuse & Trauma, Anger Management, Balance & Harmony, Communication & Social Skills, Creativity, Emotional Issues, General Health, Heartbreak, Intuition, Life Purpose, Manifestation, Other Psychiatric Issues, Other Psychological Issues, Pain Management, Relationships, Respiratory Disease, Sleep, Stress & Anxiety.

Days: Monday – Friday

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.