Shweta Bhatt

Therapy : Vedic Astrology
Language : English and Hindi


Since more than a decade now, Sweta has transformed loves across the globe using astrology and numerology. Whether it be matters of family, career, business or relationships, she uses her gifts of reading planets and numbers to help people find out what their stars have in place for them. Her diverse client base, both in terms of geography and demography, makes her understand events and incidents around life a notch deeper.

Sweta is a strong believer in personal power for making changes within and around oneself. She believes that it is up to an individual to optimize the unlimited potentials that the universe offers to each one of us. She provides the information someone will need to improve their life, career and relationships but emphasises that they have to act upon it. She stands ready to provide them support through counselling and guidance.

If you have hit roadblock in life, if you are looking for guidance on what to do next, if you are struggling with relationships or your career path and need guidance, sweta can help you. Armed with your date and time of birth, she will help you discover your potential and purpose and what action is required to achieve it.

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