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Therapy : Theta Healing
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Session Type : Online

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ThetaHealing® Advanced Course conducted by Ruchira Puri.

PREREQUISITES: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA

ThetaHealing® Advanced Course prepares you for faster healings and advances your connection to the divine by releasing Oaths, Vows & Commitments made on other planes. It also helps in healing the Broken Soul, creating Feelings you’ve never known before, understanding Initiations, opening your Psychic Centers and clearing more Fears & Resentments. After successful completion of this workshop you are offered a ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Practitioner Certification.

Are you looking for Other Seminars?

Advanced ThetaHealing® Training- DAY 1 

Advanced Understanding of Beliefs: A further in-depth understanding and review of the four levels of Belief.

Grounding: Learning how to feel balanced and present in the now, opening your Kundalini.

Creating and Downloading Positive Feelings: Learning to instill positive feelings for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes.

Facilitating Advanced Fear Work, Removing Grudges and Resentments.

Initiations and Death Doors: Understanding initiations and learning how to move forward on the path of evolution and ascension.

Advanced Understanding of Planes of Existence: And an Advanced Understanding of ThetaHealing® techniques to help comprehend the works of the world on a physical and spiritual level; and their relationship with you.

Downloads of Feelings by the Instructor.

Advanced ThetaHealing® Training –  DAY 2

The Equation of Planes of Existence: Learning to use more than one plane at a time for healing.

Clearing of Vows and Commitments: Learning to utilize the Seventh Plane by clearing beliefs and vows you may have, but do not realize (e.g. I have to work hard to earn money) and connect to the Creator.

Advanced Understanding of the Three R’s: Advanced Understanding of why Resentment, Rejection and Regret act as a barrier between your healing and you, and how they cause physical distress.

Free Floating Memories: Learning to clear imprints that become a part of our subconscious when the conscious mind is shut down. For example, if parents of a child are having a heated argument and the child wakes up as a result; the child will unknowingly replay the trauma associated with the waking state, every time a similar sound or word is spoken.

Sending Love to the Baby in the Womb: From the moment of conception, you are aware of everything around you. Feelings, emotions, and thoughts of the mother are transferred to the baby. This exercise is an amazing healing process as unwanted emotions and feelings are replaced by positive programs.

Healing the Broken Soul: Harsh events in your life can irreparably hurt your feelings. Lack of time to grieve may cause a fracture in the energy of the soul. Learn how to heal the broken soul. Find the Theta Healer within you.

Meeting the Second Plane of Existence through the Seventh Plane: Meet a plant!

Downloads of Feelings by the Instructor.

Advanced ThetaHealing® Training –  DAY 3

Connecting with your ancestors: Learning how to connect with your ancestors.

Belief work on Non-Organic Material: Learning how to clean your houses, lands, offices, cars, jewelry, clothes etc.

Tones from the Heart: Learning how to release sorrow and anger from the past and present using a tone from your heart.

Talking to your Higher Self: Having conversations with your higher self and the Creator.

Prerequisites to be a Good Healer

Learning how to Bend Time

Gratitude Prayer: “I believe now is the time that we just step up as co-creators and create our lives, consciously, awake and aware.”- Vianna Stibal.

FEE: The Total Amount to be paid is the Total Fee, which is the sum of Registration Fee plus Workshop Fee, Rs 33,500 (Rs 11,200 + Rs 22,300)

REGISTRATION FEE: Rs 11,200 (Non-Refundable)

The student must comply with Prerequisites, if any. This Fee covers the coordination and registration for the event, you can register for the seminar on paying this Fee. Registration Fee is not refundable. Each student must have completed all the payments (Registration Fee + Workshop Fee) before the start of the Workshop. Do choose the option ‘Registration Fee’ in the dropdown above ‘Add to Cart’ if you are registering for the Workshop. You can also choose to pay TOTAL FEE to register and complete the entire payment for the Workshop.


Includes All Taxes. You need to pay this in addition to the Registration Fee. Do choose the option ‘Workshop Fee’ in the dropdown above ‘Add to Cart’ to pay this Fee.

TOTAL FEE: Rs 33,500 (Rs 11,200 + Rs 22,300)

This is the sum of Registration Fee plus Workshop Fee. If you are paying this, you don’t need to pay the Registration Fee and Workshop Fee separately. Do choose the option Total Fee in the dropdown above ‘Add to Cart’ to pay this fee.
To complete the Practitioner Certification, each student must be present and on time for the full schedule of the seminar and must have completed all the payments (Registration Fee + Workshop Fee) before the start.
The student must comply with Prerequisites, if any, mentioned at the start of this page to be able to attend the Workshop and complete the Practitioner Certification.


Ruchira Puri

Ruchira is a Certified Advanced ThetaHealer and Instructor. Her journey with holistic Healing started early in life as she struggled with childhood asthma. She soon realised that allopathic medicines were not the only answer – healing needed to balance all areas of life.

When she was introduced to the ThetaHealing® technique, the experience proved so powerful that she decided to end her successful corporate career and dedicate herself to learning and propagating the message of holistic living.

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