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What am I doing in life, why is my life a rut, why am I not happy, how do I change my life? Questions unanswered for most of us. In fact, the answers are so elusive, we often give up on them and get on with life. In introspecting on these issues, I will be writing a series of blogs that will deal with these issues, bit by bit.

The system of Life, has been built over time, on foundations of collective learning from past mistakes, a system built on collective fear. It was important to learn from our mistakes, to ensure we don’t repeat them, a kind of insurance for the future. In a nutshell, we’re busy repeating patterns built on fear and worry to keep us safe.

So busy, we have forgotten the simple joys of living, being on mother earth, being able to breathe, see, set foot on velvety grass, smell the flowers, take in the beauty of the mountains, rivers, seas, the gentle breeze, enjoy the company of loved ones, take pleasure in doing things we love. In the evolution of man, why have they faded into the background, something to be visited when we get time to relax from the business of life?

Whereas the business of life in the first place should have been to indulge in the joys of living. How do we get back to them? To enjoy the bounties of mother earth, of loving relationships, of hobbies and work that interest us, while earning, fulfilling responsibilities, paying bills. What if we can live knowing everything is and will be great? Knowing that everything is taken care of, all you have to do is know what you want, to enjoy your time on earth. I can hear you say, ya sure, easier said than done!

That’s right, easier said than done, given our shared history of fear and worry as motivators. What if we allow joy and our inner voice to be the motivators? That brings me to the second point, listening to your inner voice, which I’ll cover in my next blog.

Going back to the first point, what if I told you, your life is what you wanted it to be? There is enough evidence of you controlling your mind and in turn your life, rather than the common notion of your mind controlling you. Your life is exactly what you thought it was going to be. You fear, if you didn’t do the job you are doing, you won’t have enough money to live, you fear if your kids don’t have a good education, they won’t be equipped to look after themselves, you worry if you don’t save, you won’t have a comfortable old age, you worry if you don’t exercise enough and eat the right food, you will be a sickly old person, you fear if you don’t marry in time, you won’t find a suitable spouse and the list is endless. Therefore, you work hard in a profession/business that’s not fulfilling, to pay for your kids’ education, save more and more money to beat inflation, exercise grudgingly or don’t exercise to ensure you’re healthy or not, etc. You are doing exactly what you think you should be doing, your life is exactly what you have been conditioned to believe it to be. You are such a good manifester of the life you think will be.

If you are already such a good manifester, what if you turn the tables on life and think I will always be in a profession I love while making loads of money, my kids will have a great education to live a life that will always be great, with or without education (needless to say, some of the most successful people are not even graduates), I will always have so much wealth that my old age will always be taken care of, I look forward to exercise of my choice and healthy food of my choice, so my health will never be a question, and so on and so forth. You can now become a master manifester of your joys and love instead of your fears and worry.

If it’s hard to believe, notice it with certain things in your life; the trip you wanted to make and nothing could come in the way of it, being in good health for your wedding ceremony (haven’t heard of a marriage being called off because the groom or bride was ill), the house you wanted to live in, the area you wanted to live in, the phone you wanted, think of all the sub-consciously non-negotiable things in your life and you will find the list is not short, then try applying the non-negotiability to all significant things in your life, to change the system of your life!

Please Note: If you feel it’s difficult to do this all by yourself, you can use any one or a combination of several techniques available, to help you manifest your dream life: ThetaHealing, Life Skills Coaching, NLP, Personal Advisors, etc.

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